Monday, December 12, 2016

Colourful Edibles

Cabbage, lettuce, Radish, cucumber, tomatoes.
Full of goodness and from our garden.

Baby Giggles Learns to Fly

This is baby Giggles the Kookaburra.
She came to visit after her first flying lesson went terribly wrong
and she crashed into the shed.
She was placed in the shade in the vegetable garden to recover.
With Mum watching on from above, she stayed until she gained enough
confidence to take off again.

Mulcher - A garden tool or toy?

Any Bamboo we can't use for building in the garden now gets mulched,
thanks to the new toy, the mulcher.
Palms too!
No more taking green waste to the tip, no burning, 
simply back to the garden as mulch.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Wicking beds

Peter has been testing out a new system for growing our lettuce, spinach 
and other goodies that the bugs like to eat.
The wicking beds use less water and are
very useful when growing in soil that is clay and compacted by bamboo roots.

lettuce and bok choy have loved it.

Produce this Season

This season we have had a good supply of cabbages, radish, kale, lettuce,
(cauliflower didn't work with the heritage variety)
herbs, zucchini and squash...

spring onions...

corn is growing...

we have an abundance of tomato plants...

carrots doing well...

In the orchard...
the mulberry tree has given us enough to freeze, blueberries have supplied a handful 
of fruit in their first year, pomegranate has new fruit starting, lime, pomelo, blood orange, passionfruit, mandarins, feijoa, acerelo are all growing stronger with the help
of the chickens.

Spring Flowers

Sunday, July 17, 2016